Josh Corrigan (b. 1996) is an American photographer born in Sacramento, California.

Corrigan's work is centered around the personal philosophy "observeflow" a term developed and realized in early 2014.

observe: to regard with attention, especially so as to see or learn something.

flow: a mental state of operation, characterized by complete absorption in the process of an activity.

"Propelled by the process of seeing to learn. There is so much to be learned from going for a walk with a camera and having no prior expectations, no direction, and simply asking the question 'What do I find interesting, what moves me, what is exciting and happening in front of me right now... and then having the discipline to capture those moments with a camera so that the experience can be shared. And by sharing these moments, hopefully we can learn just a little bit more about our world and about ourselves through the exploration of the photographic process."

Today, Corrigan continues to live and work in Sacramento where he develops black and white negatives and is practicing the silver gelatin process in his personal darkroom.


Observeflow, Galeri Soler, Sacramento CA 2015


Youth Art Exhibit, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento CA 2014

Congressional Art Competition, United States Capitol, Washington D.C. 2014


Photographer's Forum, Best of Photography 2014 

Photographer's Forum, Best of Photography 2016


Ruth Jensen Scholarship Recipient, Crocker Art Museum 2014